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I'm from Djibouti, and I'd like to invite all the producers and sellers of medical equipment in the world to the first medical fair. Can we work together?

Hi, I'm selling refined cooking oil. Any buyers interested give me a call.

I have a compagny who sell the scrap stell .so if you are interested about scrap contact me anytime

I would like to sell a rough Diamond of mine of 900g

Specifications 1. Soya bean Purity:99%min Oil content: 20%min Protein content: 40%min Admixture:1%max Moisture:9%max

We've accumulated over the years a lots of metal from bundles to cars and we're looking for buyers.

Exporte the soybeans, teff green...etc Red kidney beans, white kidney beans

I am interesting buyer the white beans and red beans

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