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The ***** fair has established itself as the main international event in the food industry, products and services aimed at Horeca, retail and large stores. In its 25 years, it has promoted growth and innovation in the sector, becoming a benchmark for Latin America. During this meeting you will be able to learn about the latest trends for the food and beverage sector, you will have the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and experts, as well as be part of the most complete academic day, commercial exhibition and experience zones, designed to promote a solid link between companies and professionals with the meeting of the global industry in the heart of Latin America.

We are a Colombian tannery with more than 45 years in the national and international market. We offer a wide variety of colors and pints such as: White / Black, White /Brown , Tricolor, Solid, Brindle, Exotic 2* Calf skins 3* Goats 4*mini cowhides 5* Print 6* Acid Wash

M*** H**** is a factory of fiber optic products We sell, we want to contact companies that are interested in our products

I have powdered milk for sale in large quantities, American origin, my name is J**** C**** M*** my email j*****

Good morning, I have wheat from Poland for sale

sir i produce cattle halal beef buffalo halal halal lamb halal chicken origin Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

We are producers of carbon and metallurgical coke in order to heat blast furnace, which in turn melt steel for your industry. The reason for my email is to find out if you might be a potential client for us

We handle presentation in powder and granules of 50 kilos, 40 kilos, 25 kilos and 10 kilos Distributed in the Netherlands, Uganda, Belgium, Antwerp, Spain and currently in Bulgaria certified with the EURO ONE European standard. We are Colombian national producers certified by the Colombian Agricultural Institute ICA who welcomes us in the NTC 5167 Organic Product standard for crops. Providing extensive knowledge and a wide range of success stories in terms of production thanks to our indications and processes. With our service and accompaniment in specific edaphic formulation for each productive area or farm, as well as you will be able to observe the photographic records received from our clients.

hello , we are a fresh fruit, and frozen fruit ditributor company based in Colombia , we would like to offer our products to clients in Curacao,you may contact us through our

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