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We are S**** H**** Company for importing and exporting herbs, seeds, and spices. Our company was published over 15 years ago and exported various quantities of goods worldwide and in the Middle East.

- Spark plugs 16 mill.pcs./yearly in sorts: standard In-Cr,Copper cored, Platinum and modality:2 or 3 earth electrodes and exploatation from 25.000 km to 70.000 km.

our company V****a exports prunes. We are based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Please contact us if interested on email: vo**** or phone +38*******6 N****a.

my profession is assembling all kinds of machines, I make feasibility studies, I have a reference of 36 factories, I have assembled them over the course of 45 years

Our company offer -GORSKI SYRUP-100% natural product composed of 15 organic herbs and honey, sugar-free, artificial flavoring, a powerful elixir to strengthen the body's respiratory and immune systems. Tested, registrated and approved product, formula which achieves incredible results in solving the problems of cough, shortness of breath, mucus, inflammatory processes.

We are looking for interested parts to export our 100 m% natural product, herbal syrup with 15 plants with honey. Certified product. Feel free to contact us for ditails.

We need for you to offer the glass cleaner of business buildings, to search our business in US.

Proposing co-operation,we wants distribution on Turkish market, abrasive funds for polishing nickel-plated parts, biodegradable, ecological product. You also descale. We need for you to offer the glass cleaner of business buildings, to search our business in US. We can offer 99.5% medical alkohol

We are the first company in Bosnia and Herzegovina that started production of pure and organic Immortelle Helichrysum oil and we are still producing. I am addressing you this way first to check if you are interested in buying this oil.

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