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we are an import-export company of raw agricultural products from West Africa such as white sesame seeds, raw cashew nuts and almonds, Shea nuts, soybeans, natural rubber (bottom of cup), cottonseed hull, cottonseed and soybean meal, CPO1 palm oil,

I'm exporters of raw agricultural products from, and I'm looking for excellency buyer in Turkey for white sesame seeds

We would also be grateful if you could put us in contact with potential importers of African peppers. tens of tons, we could supply

we export products such as wheat flour, spaghetti, palm oil or sunflower oil, rice, milk, canned tomatoes, juices, energy drinks and others.

We are a beninese company operatng in sourcing of agri commoditiies. We work with reliable cooperatives and farmers. We are looking for partners to establish long and lasting partnership. We Can supply you with sesame seeds, raw and processed cashew nuts, shea nuts and butter, pineapples, yams, cassava, sorghum.... We are also looking for partners to set up soybeans oïl or shea butter plant here. Please, feel free to contact. We are waiting for you.

We are an intermediation company which intervenes in the purchase of tropical products Soya, Arnacade, corn, cotton, pineapple (smooth cayenne and sugar loaf) We are looking for funding partners to operate together with. We are in Benin, Cotonou

I am soybean and raw cashew net supplier Origin Bénin

Good morning. I am a producer of Red Palm vegetable oil. I live in Benin in Africa. I am looking for partners in Turkey to deliver the raw material that I produce enough. I am available for any meeting in order to refine the negotiations and the clauses of a good partnership.

we are going to sell the cashews we hold a huge amount in africa tons of cashews

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