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Prilled and Granular urea are both provided with the exceptional quality. For more information do not hesitate to contact me.

Our company is able to provide Gilsonite with the highest quality from the superb companies and mines. Do not forget to reach out if you need me.

I'm Tigran from Armenia I have company which is making dry fruits and I want to export the product to Europe, so how I can find someone who needs dry fruits?

The sconces are suitable both for indoor and outdoor decoration and they come in full package.We give our customers the opportunity to design their own sconce lamps according to their taste and requirements.

We can provide a very good price for it if you are interesed in it. We can transfer it and make all the arrangements through Georgia.

Allow us herewith to introduce our company as a trading company that manufacture and export [Gym bags] With this letter, we would like to offer our top quality and best selling gym bags. If you are interested to see catalogs, then visit google drive secure link below there you will find catalogs of gym bags different styles.

lead concentrate I am representative of the biggest metallurgical company from Armenia.We have 80 ton(dry weight) lead concentrate and would like to export to Turkey.The concentrate has below mentioned description. lead content 42-44% Silver content 2500 kg If the offer is interested you please let me know. Hope on our further cooperation. With best regards

мы занимаемся изготовлением наружной рекламы,делаем большие фигуры из пенопласта,отделкой заданий из пенопласта с надежным и высокоэффективным покрытием

Dear partners we invite You to participate in "Construction and Interior 2012" specialized exhibition which is going to be in april of 2012, Yerevan, Armenia!!! If You are interested in it , please, write me on my e-mail: with the best regards,

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