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ate:March 18th - 20th, 2016  Venue:Guangzhou International Sourcing Center Complex Venue address:No.2-8, Pazhou Dadao Dong, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China. China—Perfect Market for Aquarium Show It is Reported that the related organization of fisheries will definitely propose to rank the recreational fishery as the forth industry in the 12th five-year plan of China. This national policy will certainly promote the rapid development of aquarium industry in China. Besides, China has over

PTC air heater is one kind of heater that are able to maintain automated temperature control and power saving. It depends on PTC elements as its heating resources, and corrugated plate made of aluminum alloy as its radiator. The heaters are processed by conglutination and welding. Heat resistant plastic (PPS) frame is equipped for more easy installation for final applications.

Our main products are Neodymium Boron Iron magnet(NdFeB), sintered and bonded magnets, with 236 million USD sales volume in 2012, and 5,000 tons annual capacity. We have been in the industry for 28 years, and cooperate with similar companies like Maxon, Lafert, Baumuller, Emerson, Bosch, etc. We can produce high grades like N52, N50M, N48H, N42SH, N40UH and N38EH.

Look for cooperation for exporting the precision metal stamping part to turkey

The 10th China International Green Food and Organic Food Exposition have attracted around 800 exhibitors from 16 different countries and areas, so it can be regard the largest organic food industry expo in Asia, The grand scale of this exhibition is more than 30 thousand square meters, creating the previous record. 23 embassies and the relevant institutions and 36423 audiences from 27 countries (including 34873 Chinese viewers and 1550 foreigners) witness the unprecedented in this exhibition. At

The 10th China International Green Food&Organic Food Exposition have attracted around 800 exhibitors from 16 different countries and areas, such as Philippine Ministry of Agriculture Pavilion、Taiwai Pavilion、Agriculture Bureau of Embassy of Malaysia 、Japan Zhenming、Ecological Share company、Hong Kong Jingfeng Food、Hess-china 、Asia snack food Foods 、Tianjin Boatgem 、Qingdao Pioneer 、Zibo Hengrun、Green Dot Dot、Haerxin、Beidahuang agriculture 、Chen En food 、Hongshou Biology、Hebei Baifeng 、Shengye fo

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