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Sera Bakim Urunleri

Company Rossette
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year 6 YEAR

Dear Sir / Madame, We would like to introduce ourselves as the inheritors of the well-being culture of Mediterranean tradition where the old Greek and Roman civilizations planted their roots and gave life to today’s generations. Smyrna ( Izmir / Turkey ) is the mother land of our brands who are dedicated to bring the traces of the well being and personal care traditions to the entire world . The most refined fragrances , formulations , treatments and aesthetic perceptions have been put together in our Brand Portfolio and Product Range dedicated to gain the discretion of the consumers of each country. Through this mission , Sera Personal Care Inc. , is asking for your attention to evaluate the opportunity of bringing these values , brands and products to your market to create the synergy of cooperation ... We would like to receive your feedbacks as soon as possible in order to discuss the possibilities of becoming business partners and more ...

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