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Tel çekiyorum. Kalite NP2, frekans 99.9, kalınlık 0.025mm, ağırlık 30kg, nikel 6818181mp. İsviçre'de yer almaktadır. Fiyat 30€ / m.p. Ürünümüzle ilgileniyorsanız, işbirliğine ve pazarlığa hazırız.

We have up to 150 tons of different types of copper powder. If you are looking for a type to buy, please feel free to contact us.

We support companies to extend their presence and penetrate to new markets. If you are sourcing any product from Switzerland / Europe or globally, please kindly get in contact with us.

we sell copper powder. looking for buyers who are interested in this for them thank you

i m à Swiss seller of ICF bloc , if you need or havé any client please contact me . I see in your site there is request of this we can arrange this

We are looking to export Sunflower oil to different asian countries. Please contact us if you are willing to find a long term and/or high volume exportation partnership with us.

We would like to present our special wires and offer you very convenient conditions.

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