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Hello! I want to find buyers in Turkey for “Base Oils” produced...?

Bananas, pineapples and other fruits from Costa Rica and Italia offer.

Our company is engaged in the supply of food and feed additives for export. Besides we are providing export in flexitanks: raw sunflower oil, refined sunflower oil, raw rapeseed oil, refined rapeseed oil. We would be grateful if you would inform us about your need for such supplies, the volume, target parametres and target prices for submitting a commercial offer to your address.

We have been exporting round debarked pine timber for many years... We are very well known with turkey and exports. We would like to start trying supply of birch firewood to Iskenderun or Istanbul or best of all Trabzon through Georgia..

We want to export white corn flour in 2025 In the amount of 400 tons/month We will produce flour and grits from white corn

Iron Ore Pellets fines FOB Offer Venezuela $55 a ton Terms and conditions negotiation; 25% at the signing of the contract 25% to the docking of the vessel for loading

I need a distributor for my product in Turkey. Even better - in the EU. This is an underground healing concentrate of sea water from a depth of 1000 meters. The product has two uses in Russia: for medicine (therapeutic compresses and baths for joint and skin pain) and for preparing an analogue of sea water in health pools.

We are a rice trading company, corn and rice producers. (grain flour - corn feed) We have 4 factories in the Krasnodar region and a warehouse plant in Bashkortostan. We recommend considering us as a supplier of corn and rice. Delivery: Motor transport, railway container, railway car. Packaging: 25 kg bags; 50 kg; 1t.

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