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for a restaurant I need a tray ca 31*27cm with as flat a rim as possible a bowl with a flat bottom or a plate with a high rim about 15 cm in diameter. a mini bowl for sauces or dips a cup ca 300ml without handle. color: natural white or ivory with a black rim

i need "manufacturers of enamel metal signs in Turkey. for streets signs project

Enamelled Copper Wire, IEC 317-8,GRADE 2, with thermal resistance of min. h- 180 Celsius. Ranges from 0.25 to 1.12mm.

How i can contact with your company? Your contact number always in expactation

I am buyer from Sudan looking for enamelled copper wire supplier

I am looking to Enamel plates set ( white with blue boundary) Plates small/ large/ medium Soup plates Cups small and large Baking tray Serving trays

We are turkmen individual entrepreneur and looking for: - enameled wire (kablo) from 0,80mm till 1.56mm

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