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I would like to aske If you provide enameled copper wires for different sizes and the price for kg the required quantity about 12900 kg

I am looking for producers of enameled magnet wire, both copper and aluminum. I am looking for producers of magnet wire both copper and aluminum.

Open combustion chamber; Independence from power supply; Piezoelectric ignition; Ignition device with pilot flame; Enamelled steel tank for corrosion protection; Wall or floor installation; Environmentally friendly thermal insulation made of polyurethane foam; Magnesium anode for additional corrosion protection; Universal stainless steel burner; The presence of a recirculation pipe (in floor models); Reconfiguration for work on liquefied gas is possible. CONTROL AND SAFETY DEVICES Thrust sensor - thermostat; ensures the safe removal of combustion products, immediately stops the gas supply to the burner in case of obstruction of the chimney (blockage, strong wind); Control of the presence of a flame with a thermocouple; if the burner or igniter goes out, the gas supply is automatically stopped; Adjusting thermostat - provides heating of water in the boiler to the temperature set by the user; Safety valve 8 bar. There, in fact, the manufacturers will need to clarify

We are looking for Hot water tanks i need hot water tanks with enameled coating from 200 L to 300, 500, 1000 L with Gelvenaized Steel outer cover

We are dealers in solar systems here in Nairobi. We are looking to diversify our suppliers to guarantee availability. We are interested in your products as follows; 1. 2,000lts solar tank--1 unit 2. 1,000lts tank.....1 unit 3. Matching collectors to heat the system 3. Pumo station for glycal circulation 4. electric elements to back up the system the tanks be indirect with enamel coating inside. They should have provision for recirculation.

would like to purchase enameled copper wire for rewinding motors,various sizes

we are looking for a gray cast iron foundry and an enameling company for the manufacture of 20 kg enamelled cast iron plates 100 T to start

we need to import Turkish companies for polyester copper enameling varnish

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