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Copper Pipes Importers, Copper Pipes Import Companies

Copper Pipes Importer Companies and Copper Pipes Import Trade Listing

You are viewing requests related to the keyword copper pipes 289 requests are listed on 29 pages.

i would like to ask you do you have copper tubes for HVAC systems

I would like the best offer for pre-insulated copper connections For air conditioning here are the diameters and quantities 1/4&3/8 -20m / 75 roll 1/4&1/2 -20m/ 07 roll 3/8&5/8-20m / 25 roll

need water copper pipes Type K and fittings for the following sizes 0.5 inch = 680LM 3/4 inch = 760LM 1.0 inch= 250 LM 1 1/4 inch = 280 LM 1.50 inch = 400 LM 2.0 inch= 150.0 LM 2.50 inch = 240 LM 3.0 inch = 150 LM

I am looking for copper pipes for vrv air conditioning

I am looking for a manufacturer of copper tape Cu-DHP could you help me?

I wont to know price of copper, I have big biasness and if is a good price that makes we partners,

I am interested in import and sell air con/refrigeration materials, like copper, pipe insulation and related materials

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