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What Is Corporation Project?

The Corporate Associations project refers to the cooperation between Forie and corporations, such as chambers of commerce, chambers of industry, enterprises association, non-governmental organizations... which focus on develop international commerce. Within the scope of project, mutually assured benefits are aimed between Forie, corporations and companies which are related to corporation.

Value Of Forie For Companies

Forie offers new customer finding opportunities by communicating millions of purchase requests and sales offers, promoting international digital brand visibility and with its strong infrastructure. When companies join the system, they view 90,000 commercial purchase requests and sales offers annually, increasing their visibility with more than 5000 domain names.“Within the system related importer - exporter are automatically transmitted to member companies”.

Forie's Value For Corporations “As Forie, we care about adding value to the project parties and making this value sustainable”. In addition to companies, efforts are being made to make Corporate Associations visible on Forie's website and other digital communication tools. In this regard, institution’s emblem and logo are placed in Forie’s website. Moreover, those representative logos and emblems of related institutions would also be viewed on the company profiles. Thus, it contributes to making cooperation institutions more known and visible by institutions, organizations and individuals who are parties of international trade, operating in private, public or civil fields. It is possible to meet with other institution within the project and to carryout different studies.
Operation Of The Project
The Project Consists Of 6 Stages.
  • Firstly, the system is introduced to corporation which are willing to be part of the project.
  • When the agreement is reached in order to guarantee the process,some documents signs which mutual borders and obligationsstated.
  • Then, system profile of the companies which the corporation point out are created.
  • After the profile’s creation, demo memberships are defined and rel-evant trainings are given to the companies.
  • While in progress, companies get contacted by corporation project’s experts to learn their system experiences.
  • At the end of the process, the companies can upgrade their mem-berships to VIP or continue to remain in the system as a free mem-ber.

“With advanced technology and our expert team’s support, we encouragecompanies to reach accurate target audience and use the system effectively and therefore increase their international commerce“

“ Within the scope of the project, several specialdiscounts and privileges will be made forcompanies which is pointed out for your part.”. For detailed information do not hesitated to have a contact.
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