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I would like to buy oral care products like toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash

I need spring air fresheners 250ml. They come in different scents. E.g. pinnacolada, Breeze, grapes,feelings e.t.c.

I'm looking for suppliers in Turkey home air fresheners

Need aroma oils to use in the aroma machine. The aroma machine is powered by hot diffusion (the oil will be heated and sprayed). Oils also require a thinner. Interested in wholesale and the possibility of supplying samplers so that you can choose the main flavors.

Hello dear, I’m planning to open a spa in Canada. I’m looking for a Turkish spa accessories and products please? If you can help me

Peach Kernel Oil for LLC Feron We are looking for now the new source of Peach or Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil. Annual demand is 2500 kg. We are end-user for this goods. If you are free for this product please send us your CoA, ML, Written Confirmation of GMP and quotation for mentioned volume.

We are proud to introduce exporter of supplier Beauty instruments.

I wd Iyk to knw your designs and the prices

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