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I need information for Wheel with size 17.5 x 6.00. 10 Hole. Tire used 217/75. ( tubeless 15° DC wheels )

Need this item Do you hve it ? It spider wheel hub of truck & trailer

I Need information for maxion wheels r17.5 x 6.00. Hole10. Tire size 215/75.

Hello we are from n**** tr*** workshop israel and we made trailer for 1500 kg and 1800 kg and we look to buy rim 16” 5 hole every wheel can take 1000 kg

Looking for Crane Spare Parts (Wheels and sheaves) we are a multinational company dedicated to Port Cranes. In our website you can find more information about us. We are currently looking for potential new suppliers of WHEELS AND SHEAVES for Port Cranes all over the world and so I was wondering whether you would be able to quote and supply these kind of goods.

I Need information about jantsa wheel with spect r17.5 x 6.75. Jantsa part no. 675151. r17.5 x 6.75. Jantsa part no. 675135. Tire size used. 215/75.

Hi we are company for car accessories located in lebanon Please contact with us via email or whatsapp to know more detail about your products

could you help me please with spare parts for a forklift model URS150DTFVXG1035 (Atlet)?

Garbage container wheels We hope to provide us with an initial invoice for 160 mm wheels and an Algerian trading company for the year 200 mm, with a mention of the technical specifications for each.

I'm looking for meccanum wheels for about 500 to 1000 kg per wheel for building agv's. The diameter should be at 250 mm.

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