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Hand Tool Importer Companies and Hand Tool Import Trade Listing

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I am looking for a company that offers hand tool products

1 pen burette, 6 open-end spanners from 3.2 to 13mm, 1 adjustable spanner, 8 L-keys from 1.5 to 8mm, 15 L-keys from 0.28" to 3/8", 2 red lead and black, 1 electrician's knife, 13 sockets from 3.2 to 14mm, 11 sockets from 3/16" to 9/16", 1 soldering iron, 2 grip wires red and black, 2 sets of thickness gauges ( mm and inches), 1 pen light, 6 files, 1 insulated mirror, 1 pair of electrician's scissors, 1 flat pliers, 2 straight and angled 1/2 round pliers, 1 stripping pliers, 1 welding pliers, 1 remove the C-I, 1 straight tweezers, 1 diagonal cutting pliers, 1 multigrip pliers, 1 brush, 1 scriber, 1 desoldering pump, 1 ruler, 1 roll of adhesive, 1 spring puller, 2 insulated screwdrivers 1000V 3, 5-5.5mm 2 screwdrivers 6.5-8mm, 2 flat and cross-head screwdrivers, 1 watchmaker's screwdriver, 3 blades, 2 cross-head screwdrivers PH1-P

We are a wholesale buyer of power tools. Please provide a catalog with prices. Thank you!

tool-box hello, i am irakli , i interesting in tools box, please contact me .

Producer of spinal fixation systems, cervical screws, cervical implants and hand tools

we need construction tools such as a disc for a grinder . pliers and other

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