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Flaxseed Importers, Flaxseed Import Companies

Flaxseed Importer Companies and Flaxseed Import Trade Listing

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Selam kazakistanda yuklu keten tohumu var satilik Ilgilenirmisiz

i need the contacts of flaxseed oil manufacturers in Turkey.

Im Looking Super Food Products. Quinoa(Red, White, Black) roasted buckwheat raw buckwheat chia seeds flaxseed black cumin mung beans Basmati Rice Jasmine Rice amanarant black cumin yellow mustard Hemp Seed

my interested products kinoa chia flaxseed

We have Hemp(Flax) seeds in stock. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

please i want to ask if there is any of this organic oils and seeds at your factory and the price list..thank you . Organic oils : 1- sesame oil 2- amla oil (Indian gooseberry) 3- jojoba oil 4- almond oil 5- Rosemary essential oil 6- peppermint essential oil 7- castor oil 8- black seed oil 9- flaxseed oil 10- vitamin E oil Seeds : 1- sunflower seeds 2- chia seeds 3- fenugreek seeds

Avrupa’da ki alici firmamiza tedarik edilmek uzere Keten tohumu aramaktayiz. A kalite gidalik aylik 20 ton olmak uzere 6-12 ay sureli . Bu hususta fiyat arastirmasi amacli kg fiyat tekliflerinizi bekliyoruz.

We are looking to import large quantities of cold pressed flax seed oil food grade to Australia.

We are looking for organic and conventional flax seed, sesame seed supplier and for other oil seeds.

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