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We would like to import fire and flame resistant cement (high alumina cement). Please provide us with technical specifications and prices from Turkish factories.

Hi, do you deliver to Ghana? I need HISAR 2 x 2.5mm Armoured Fire Resistant cables

Dear Sir/Madam, we are looking for a supplier who is able to offer this kind of insulation as a canvas. Wide 90-100 cm Lenght 30 m Please see the pictures in the attachement. Thank you very much.

Bir kaynakçı kıyafeti için ateşe dayanıklı kumaş da dahil olmak üzere özel giysiler için kumaşla ilgileniyoruz. Bu tür kumaşlar üretiyorsanız lütfen bize bildirin. şimdiden teşekkürler

we need 830 pieces of fire retardant mattresses with foam density 28-30. Required dimensions 190/80/10

Anti-panic and anti-fire door lock Anti-panic and anti-fire door lock

We are looking for a supplier or manufacturer of Fire Cables from Turkey.

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