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Consumable Importers, Consumable Import Companies

Consumable Importer Companies and Consumable Import Trade Listing

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Stock lots wide body tv's 45 till 85 inch all famous brands. Minal 1 truck load 200 pieces

Our HCPs consistently ask for Diathermy pencils and some dialysis consumables. Kindly get in touch thanks

Show the price of all medical supplies provided by the company, especially surgical sutures

We are a healthcare company in Turkey dealing with import and export. Products we usually sell

We mainly develops and manufactures high-end medical devices and consumables, including medical infusion devices, syringes, precision filters, surgical bags and dressing bags,defatted cotton, gauze, surgical clothing, protective clothing, isolation clothing and other medical supplies as well as medical pension rehabilitation intelligent wheelchair, intelligent bed, intelligent bathtub and other high-end equipment and equipment.

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